Probates and Wills

I have represented many families in the preparation of their Last Will and Testament. Then, when the time comes, I am available for filing a probate in their county of residence. The preparation of Wills and Trusts (where appropriate) is a thoughtful time and is an expression of love and consideration for those left behind.

These documents can be designed to last through time by incorporating trusts to manage assets while your dependents are young, then vesting control to the beneficiaries as they age. The Will can even cover such contingencies as how you would prefer your assets to vest should a child predecease you.

There are common elements to all Wills and Trusts; however, they become unique to you and your situation as they are prepared through our office.

In most cases, we prepare companion powers of attorney and/or living wills or medical powers of attorney together with the Will in the event that one of the principals become disabled or is temporarily unavailable in an emergency.

However, we must always keep in mind what has been executed, as circumstances, such as a divorce or unexpected death or incapacity, may create an unwanted consequence. Periodic reviews of important documents should be routinely made. Changes to your will or “Codicils” are common and easily accommodated when necessary as well as any of the companion documents.

Protecting your assets in case of death or incapacitation is extremely important and should never be ignored. You are not alone. Call us today to see how we can help you navigate the preparation of any or all of these necessary documents.

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